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360Enrich Data Intelligence // How It Works:

We make your data reliable

Experience the magic of reliable data available at your fingertips. To make this happen, we rely on today's smartest technologies.

How We Collect Data

 360Enrich Data Intelligence Solution combines your data with a wide range of public data sources, and sorts through millions of data points to provide you holistic and reliable intel on your leads.

How We Transform Your Data

 Combining multiple datasets is a complex operation as neither are all datasets euqal nor are the datapoints. For each data attribute (Name, Designation, etc.), we evaluate all datasets and through machine learning, we are able to decide which dataset is most apt for the required attribute value. Machine learning takes us a step further and returns additional qualifiers such as Mother Tongue, Ethnicity, etc.


How We Validate Your Data

 At 360Enrich we run a verification and validation check on every record. With so many datasets, the available data need not always be accurate. With machine learning, we are not only able to standardize, validate and verify the records; but we also refresh these records every 30 days to provide you the latest view on your leads. We have a highly qualified QA team that stringently implements this process.

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Data Intelligence Solution


Data Accuracy

Over a period of time, our machine learning algorithms have improved to a point wherein our clients acknowledged a near fullproof accuracy in contactabilty and lead attributes


Updated Data

Lead's attributes are constantly changing. For example, your lead may have switched jobs, got promoted, moved cities; etc. The lead may be captured in a particular dataset, however every dataset, no matter how good has a finite lifespan. Hence, unfortunately some portion of such datasets are unactionable. To overcome this, our algorithms update every record, every 30 days to continuously elevate the quality of your data.

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