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360Enrich // All In One CRM:

A highly customizable CRM, powered by Data Intelligence

With Data Intelligence as the backbone, the 360Enrich CRM becomes your one-stop hub to enrich every step of your customer journey

Enriched leads matching your Ideal Buyer Profile automatically added to your CRM, ready to convert

Your enriched leads are seamlessly added to the 360Enrich CRM in real-time. At all further levels, your teams can view detailed intelligence on your leads to efficiently act and effectively drive conversations to bring about successful conversions

A central hub for intelligence on leads, actions, and insights from your campaigns

360Enrich CRM becomes a central hub for detailed information on your leads, tracking their interactions. A step further, it also captures the performance and insights of your campaigns giving you control on all your activities: All in One place


Easier Tracking

Easier tracking with all your traditional and digital initiatives getting recorded on the same platform


Integrated Telephony Module

Integrated Telephony module with Natural Language Processing not only records inbound enquiry calls, but also enables automated profiling and generating valuable insights


Data Access & Security

Stringent access measures prevent exposure and downloads of key information including emails and contact numbers


Robust Analytics

Analytics from your Social Media, Telephony, Bulk Messaging campaigns as well from your sales pipelines are all compiled on the 360Enrich CRM


Robust Reporting

In-depth yet simplified reports into your leads, sales patterns, follow up statuses and much more. Generate reports as per the desired frequency and keep optimising your pipeline performance


Smart Automations

Automated and Instant lead handovers across levels ensure a highly efficient sales process and eliminate lead leakages


Bulk Messaging Outbound Campaigns

Setup, Run and Track your bulk messaging campaigns across SMS, WhatsApp, and Email from the highly agile 360Enrich CRM.

The CRM automatically highlights and records insights on valuable leads interacting with your messaging and gives you a real-time view of overall campaign performance.

Along with an all-access in One Place, 360Enrich also optimizes your internal processes.


Reduced Lead Leakage

Incoming leads from all sources including Digital and Telephony get automatically recorded on the CRM. With reduced manual interventions, the possibilities of lead leakage are close to nil.

Increased Accountability

At every level, for every action, the assigned stakeholder is accountable. The in-built trackability feature captures the entire timeline of the lead to plug any slippages.


Increased Efficiency

The CRM enforces stringent processes and assures increased efficiency. In-built follow-up reminders until action is closed. Accurate reviews on a daily/weekly/monthly basis enabled with robust reporting, optimize performance and plug any inefficiencies.

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